Odyssee Project

odyssee project
Digitalisation at this moment not available.  Contact the department for more questions. 

Since a few years the Pathology Lab owns a BELAC-accreditation for a wide range of immunohistochemical tests (IHC).

Since 2012 the lab organizes regional EQA’s and symposiums to evaluate the quality of the immunohistochemical tests, but also to build networks with other laboratories.

In 2016 the Pathology Lab has developed a partnership to stain and digitize rare and complex IHC requests from other labs.

Quality assurance and networking are keywords for the Odyssee Project:

  • Each lab will have easy access to a large panel of antibodies, without validation cost and with minimal service cost (< reimbursement)
  • Stained slides will be available within 2 working days as a digital scan
  • Facilitate second opinions by digital scan, et cetera.

More information

  • Brochure (download at the bottom of this web page)
  • Aanmelden via / Register through:  pathologie@olvz-aalst.be
  • Aanvraagformulier / Request form (download at the bottom of this web page)
  • Procedure voor digitaal bekijken van beelden/ Procedure for viewing digital images (download at the bottom of this web page)

Contact :  

  • pathologie@olvz-aalst.be  
  • T. 0032 (0)53 72 42 82
  • F. 0032 (0)53 72 45 91
  • OLV Ziekenhuis - Pathologische Ontleedkunde - Moorselbaan 164 - 9300 AALST


Request Form Odyssee Project (July 2023)

Brochure Odyssee Project

Odyssee Project - procedure voor digitaal bekijken van beelden/procedure for viewing digital images

Odyssee Project - Labo Pathologische Ontleedkunde - OLV Ziekenhuis Aalst-Asse-Ninove

Illustration - It took Odysseus 10 years to return from Troy to Ithaka. During his journey he had to overcome several challenges. Today, the same trip in Google maps takes only 23hrs. Making a difficult diagnosis can take up to several weeks. Thanks to the service lab, this will now only take 2 days. Odysseus is renowned for his brilliance, versatility and cunning intelligence. This project is brilliant, versatile and a feat of cunning intelligence, putting Roche on the map as the company providing the best patient care ever.